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With so many skirting board designs to choose from. Skirting board is a hugely popular interior design feature that has been a staple in the majority of homes since the Victoria era. Skirting tends to sit at the base of a wall and run around the entirety of a room.

As well as adding an element of decoration to your own, a skirting board is also immensely practical. Skirting boards can be designed to protect exposed parts of a wall in busy interior areas and can also incorporate rebates to allow for cables and small pipes to be integrated.

History of Skirting Boards are said to have originated in the Victorian era, throughout the 1800s. It is at this time that it became evident they were being used in houses. Generally, they would be installed by wealthy individuals who could afford grand homes and interior decoration. During those times there was no central heating, so keeping rooms warm was a difficult task. Skirting boards played a role in tackling this issue, sealing off walls where cold air would come in. And the rest, as they say, is history. Skirting boards have become an integral part of any building ever since.

Why Are Skirting Boards Necessary?

Skirting boards are necessary for homes and buildings both practically and aesthetically. They are the key player in forming junctions between materials in construction, often covering uneven surfaces or joints. They also act as a buffer between the wall and the floor, protecting walls from scuffing, damage and dirt. Wall surfaces and floors rarely meet, so skirting boards fill the gap that is left. Aesthetically, skirting boards finish off a room – leaving a tidy and neat finish to spaces. They can transform spaces in a variety of ways, depending on the colour, material and finish of skirting board that you choose.

Skirting Boards for Renovation

Skirting boards are good for new homes but also older homes that are being renovated. As they are an affordable and accessible solution, they pose as the perfect solution for homeowners looking to restore rooms and spruce spaces up. Skirting boards can brighten any room when painted white, adding a touch of elegance and simplicity. White skirting boards also make spaces look more clean and neat as a whole. Often a renovation will include re-working walls and flooring, so skirting boards are the perfect solution for finishing off work and adding that last touch that your room needs to look complete.